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A New Era for the Sacramento Kings?


The new ownership in Sacramento has now made it clear that they want to build their franchise around DeMarcus Cousins (Yeah I know right). Despite all the baggage that comes with Cousins he is still a player that commanded the max amount of money and he has gotten it.

Antelope Valley Stand Up!!!


Because I am from the Southern California area I have to say this, ANTELOPE VALLEY STAND UP! As expected, the Indiana Pacers have officially inked Palmdale, CA native Paul George to a multi-year extension.

The Social Media “beef” Between Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade.


I may be a little late but I wanted to chime in on the perceived social media “beef” between Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade.

 Everything started on Tuesday when Kevin Durant was making round to promote Degree deodorant. Durant had appeared on numerous programs to conduct interviews, but it was his interview with CineSport Noah Coslov that stood out. 

 Sports Illustrated recently published their Top 100 players of 2014 and during the interview Durant was asked for his opinion on the top 10.

 Here are SI’s top 10 players:

  1. LeBron James
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Chris Paul
  4. Tony Parker
  5. Russell Westbrook
  6. Tim Duncan
  7. Dwight Howard
  8. Dwayne Wade
  9. Kobe Bryant
  10. 10. Carmelo Anthony

 Durant was then asked if anyone was missing from the list and he replied with saying that James Harden, his former teammate was missing. Coslov then asked Durant who Harden should replace from the list and without even taking time to think Durant said Wade.

 Of course things got back to Wade and he went to Instagram to speak his mind.



It was only right that Durant respond and had this to say:


 It is only normal that KD feels a certain type of way about the Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat because his team lost to them in the 2012 NBA Finals. During that series Durant was caught calling Wade too small after scoring on him in game 3 of the Finals. It is well known that Wade’s teammate LeBron James and Durant are really good friends and work out during the offseason. Obviously Durant doesn’t feel the same about Wade. 

 Let’s just be honest, there was a time when Dwayne was easily a top-5 player in the league. That time however is long gone now due to the all the injuries he has sustained even though he has games where he reminds us of past greatness.

 Was Durant wrong for what he said? HELL NO! James Harden is on the brink of superstardom and definitely deserves a spot in the top-10. Honestly the bigger travesty in my opinion was SI having Dwayne Wade over Kobe Bryant but I will save that conversation for another day. 

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The Lamar Odom I Remember.

With all of the Lamar Odom bashing that has been going over the past couple of days I decided to reminisce on a time when Odom had the ability to be one of the best that NBA had ever seen.

Russell Westbrook had himself a terrific, unstoppable Game 4, scoring a game-high 43 points on 20-of-32 shooting in over 45 minutes of play. But as brilliant as he was in the first 47 minutes and 46 seconds of the game, his crucial foul on Mario Chalmers with 13.8 seconds left all but ended any chance for the Thunder to pull off a last-minute comeback.

The Thunder were down three with a jump ball about the commence on the Heat’s offensive end of the floor. 17.3 seconds were left in the contest and Miami had just five seconds to shoot. The ball bounced around before Chalmers finally secured it. Almost instantly, Westbrook swooped in and inexplicably fouled Chalmers, leading Jeff Van Gundy to squeal on the broadcast, “Why are they fouling!?” With the shot clock ticking down and the game still very much in reach, it was the question we all had.

“Just a miscommunication on my part,” Westbrook said after the game. “Nothing I can do about it now.”

Chalmers went on to nail both ensuing free throws, effectively sealing the game. The Heat held on for a 104-98 win and now have a commanding 3-1 lead in the series.

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Phil Jackson says he did not want to coach ‘clumsy’ Knicks.

So much for those rumors that Phil Jackson wanted to coach the Knicks.

In an interview set to air next week on HBO’s “Real Sports,” the Zenmaster said he never had any interest taking over the sidelines at Madison Square Garden, contrary to popular belief.

Jackson didn’t confirm he was definitely coming out of retirement but did concede “there might be” a team out there he’d love to coach. As for the Knicks, a team his name had long been linked to, he’s glad they never even bothered giving him a call.

“I wasn’t going to take the job, that’s for sure,” Jackson said.

“There’s just too much work that has to be done with that team. It’s a little bit of a clumsy team.”

And by “clumsy,” he doesn’t mean the Knicks are a bunch of stumbling bums out on the court (that would be the Bobcats), but rather they lack the chemistry essential to productively coexist, especially at the top of the lineup.

“They don’t fit together well,” Jackson explained. “Stoudemire doesn’t fit together well with Carmelo. Stoudemire’s a really good player. But he’s got to play in a certain system and a way. Carmelo has to be a better passer. And the ball can’t stop every time it hits his hands. They need to have someone come in that can kind of blend that group together.”

So, good luck with all that, Mike Woodson.

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Dwyane Wade concedes hatred between NBA stars is lacking.

If you watched the documentary shown on NBA TV about the 1992 Dream Team that won gold at the Olympics in Barcelona, one thing that stood out was how competitive the players were. The players didn’t want to stop when they were scrimmaging because they wanted to beat each other, and there were big rivalries among players on the team.

Charles Barkley wanted to prove he was a better power forward than Karl Malone, ditto for David Robinson and Patrick Ewing, and Michael Jordan wanted to show he was better than Magic Johnson. That competition created a heated environment, and it seemed to bring out the best in the players.

Dwyane Wade watched the documentary and talked about it with the media on Thursday.

The Heat guard, who has played in the NBA since 2003 and participated in two Olympics for the national team, conceded that the hatred between stars isn’t the same as it was.

“I’m not going to say it’s missing,” Wade said and then smiled. “It’s missing … It’s a different time. Now it’s not as much hatred. It’s still competitiveness, guys want to beat other guys, but it’s a different world, it’s a different time where guys have an opportunity to be around each other more and be closer.”

There aren’t many people who followed the NBA during both eras who would disagree. The Heat’s big three came together in Miami because of friendships the players forged. And outside of guys like Kobe, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, and Derrick Rose, how many star players strike you as super competitive to the point they’re not friendly with a lot of opponents? LeBron James and Kevin Durant, who are the biggest stars in the NBA Finals, worked out together over the summer. Chris Paul and Tony Parker stay at each other’s houses and do dinner before they square off. Things have definitely changed.

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